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    I'm Bruno Cruz

    A software developer passionate about the creative universe of technology

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    A place where I share my professional

    and personal informations

About Me

Hi I'm Bruno

Software developer: + 5 years of coding experience

I’m fascinated with creating solutions and exploring the creative possibilities that we have when using technology to ease our lives.

I’m a Java developer, who beyond coding, likes to understand the business and related challenges that drive my motivation.

Brazilian guy living in Porto, Portugal.

a traveller and learner

I truly believe that one of the most pleasant ways to improve ourselves as human beings is to travel as much as possible. The more we interact with different people and cultures, the more we realize how similar we are; breaking down prejudice in the process.

My Skills

Technical Skills

Im a specialist in something that i like and that im writing just to see how it will look like after all

Java 80%
Angular 50%
JPA 70%
JSF 65%

My hobbies

Por conseguinte, o aumento do diálogo entre os diferentes setores produtivos agrega valor ao estabelecimento de alternativas às soluções ortodoxas. A certificação de me